Basic Makeup Tips For Girls

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We all use makeup for increasing beauty and attraction of our face. But here we were going to discus some most helpful techniques which are surly give awesome output to you. Having a perfect makeup look is the desire of every girl and women. As we know that the usage of makeup products on our face hide many flaws of our body. So if we set them properly then make over must be increase over facial attraction.

Basic Makeup Tips For Girls

9 Makeup Tricks Every Women Needs To Know!

1. Foundation

Foundation is cosmetic which is used to color skin like if you want to show natural facial tone then foundation played a good role and its also helps you to cover your skin flaws. Now question is that here that through which way the use of foundation is harmful for our skin parts. So the trick is that never apply foundation or concealer as a base on your eyelids. It will damage your eye’s. So beware while using any type of foundation on your face.

2. Powder

So the next beautiful tip is that always apply powder to your skin after using of foundation. Powder always save your face from dust and hot winds.

3. Bronzer

Another thing which is called “bronzer” is a very powerful tool for enhancing skin glowing. Firstly always choose bronzer related to your face. We knows that bronzer results will shows dramatic changes in our face beauty. But the important thing is that please keep in mind that incorrect usage of bronzer is damage your skin. So apply very carefully and gradually.

4. Blush

Before applying blush first smile well and then put blush on the apple of your face cheeks. Apply very carefully and according to your skin tone, which always results beautifully.

5. Eyebrow

Beautiful eyebrow always increase your attraction and grace. If you used brown pencil on your  eyebrow upper portion shades then they looks more beautiful.

6. Lipstick

At lest every girl and women love to apply lipstick on her pretty natural lips. But bad usage of lipstick effect very bad on your looks. So always care that, quantity of lipstick well as you apply on your upper lip same do with your down lip with suitable quantity.

7. Eye Shadow

Always use light eye shadow which must be match your skin tone and face color. So I recommended you to use darker eye shadow up to your lips.

8. Eye Liner 

Now eye liner is a beautiful tool for making your eye more pretty. Use eye liner very properly never use it massively that results bad impact. If you want to show your eyes more big then apply it on the edges of your eyebrows.

9. Mascara

Are you using mascara in a proper manner? If you do not apply it perfectly then please do not use it. Many people even do not leave their home without the use of mascara. If you having small eye then must fit mascara in good way which present your eyes big and attractive.

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